Milo Championships Zone 3

All Presidents/Secretaries

Regional Athletic Clubs & Coaches



Dear All,


You will recall that we have scheduled the 3rd leg of the Regional MILO Championships to take place on 5th September 2015 at Anjalay Stadium.


Following a request made to the Mauritius Sports Council to put the stadium at our disposal on that date, we have been informed that Throwing Events Competition will not be allowed on the football pitch.


We have therefore decided to organise the Zone 3 Competition on 6th September 2015 at Maryse Justin Stadium.


We apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Please find the results of  Zone 1 & zone 2.

 Zone 1   Resultats  courses     Resultats -LG-TS.      Resultats  Hauteur Perche    Resultats  Lancers result

Zone 2 Resultats Garçons    &  Resultats Filles  

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