Dear all,


The next Maa / IOIG Trials  will take place on this coming Friday 5th April  at the same place and time. Please find the scheduled programme is  for your kind attention.


You SHOULD follow the following deadline towards the competition of Friday 5 April:


  1. Tuesday 2nd April at 18.00hrs


Clubs, Coaches and Regions will have to submit their entries to MAA Office. The Entry Form is attached.


  1. Wednesday 3rd April at 16.00hrs


MAA Office will confirm entries received to all those concerned and submit a draft Starting List to Clubs, Coaches and Regions.


  1. Thursday 4th April at noon


Clubs, Regions and Coaches come back with their observations


  1. Thursday 4th April at 16.00hrs


MAA Office will send to all those concerned the FINAL Starting List.


MAA IOIG TRIALS 05/04/18-programme


 Fiche Entrée Filles MAA IOIG TRIALS 05/04/19

Fiche Entrée Garcons – MAA IOIG TRIALS 01/04/19


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