2020 Vital Cross-Country League & National Championships 22 – 08


27 July 2020


Presidents/ Secretaries

All Regions and Clubs



Dear All


2020 Final VITAL Cross-Country League & National Championships


We have the pleasure to inform you that we have decided to kick off our post Covid 19 activities with the final of the 2020 Vital Cross-Country League and National Championships which will be organised on Saturday 22nd August 2020  from 09.00hrs to noon at the Sodnac Wellness Park.


The best athletes from each age group from 3 of the 4 legs will be the winners of the Vital Cross – Country League. This applies for clubs championships too.


Please find a copy of the standing of the athletes and clubs of the 3 legs that we organised before the lock down.


You will soon receive another communication regarding the confirmation.


CROSS 2020 – L3 – Les Salines (7.3.20) – FINAL RESULTS

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