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Soirée de Demi Fond et Epreuves Ouvertes

All COACHES Clubs & Regions   Dear All,   Please find enclosed the program of the Soirée de Demi Fond et Epreuves Ouvertesscheduled to take place on this coming Friday 21st December 2018 at Maryse […]

Results of soiree Demi fond- Rencontre de Prep-Festival de lancers

ALL CLUBS AND REGIONS   Dear All,   Please find  enclosed results  of our “ Soiree de Demi Fond-Rencontre de Preparation & Festival de Lancer ”which took place yesterday  afternoon at Maryse Justin Stadium , […]

Programme festival de lancers /Soiree de demi-fond et Rencontre de Prep

All Presidents Regions & Clubs And Coaches   Dear All,   We wish to inform you that we have scheduled a festival de lancers and soiree de demi fond at Maryse Justin Stadium , Reduit […]


PRESS RELEASE COUNCIL DECISIONS ON RULES AND EVENTS FOR 2019 AND BEYOND The 215th IAAF Council Meeting made a range of competition decisions this week on subjects including rule changes, entry standards and programme changes […]

CAA Southern Region Elective Congress

Dear All Please find the Press Release of CAA Southern Region Elective Congress held in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday 8th December 2018.   Press Release  of  thee CAA Southern  Region Elective Congress  Athletics In Johannesburg

Soirée de Demi Fond

  Dear ALL   Kindly find  the program of our “Soiree de demi fond ”which will held at Maryse Justin Stadium  Reduit on Friday 7th December 2018 as from 18:00 hrs.   You are kindly […]

Wada prohibited list 2019

Dear All The World Anti-Doping Agency has published the Prohibited list 2019 which will come into effect as from 1 January 2019. The Prohibited list is available on WADA website. It would be appreciated if […]