Dear ALL,



We are pleased to inform you that Mrs. Corinne Remillah, MAA Managing Committee Member will, as from this day, act as License Officer of our Association. She will be available at Nebiolo House on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9h30 to 12h00.


It is to be noted that:


  1. All licenses (athletes, coaches, officials, administrators etc.) delivered in 2015 must be returned to the Association for renewal.
  2. Only  Clubs representatives will be allowed to enter athletes and manage licenses
  3. Two separate forms are to be submitted when dealing with licenses: Cash and Credit
  4. Bills for credit licenses from January to mid March must be cleared by 14  March 2016
  5. All documents, form sand fees may be delivered to Corany at the reception.


The Association will reimburse to regions 3 of the 5 trips to participate in the VITAL Cross Country League


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